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Liquid Technology’s Customer Survey Uncovers Tariff Concerns

The Report Highlights Several Key Impacts the Industry has Experienced with the Recent Tariffs

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition (ITAD) service provider, unveils the results of its mid-year customer survey to the public. The customer survey focuses on the topic of tariffs and how shifting policies may impact vendors, clients, brand considerations, IT expenses and the technology industry as a whole. Releasing these statistics and responses to the greater industry provides vital insight into the evolving attitudes, priorities, and actions of entities across the technology sphere in the wake of this business disruption, providing critical transparency and helping inform future business decisions.

With changing, technology tariffs presenting the possibility of widespread impact throughout international business, many importers, vendors, retailers and even users throughout the technology sphere remain unsure about how the evolving legislation will impact the future. Liquid Technology’s mid-year customer survey garnered an array of responses from its clients with the goal of providing clarity to businesses across the industry and mitigating concern during a period of unrest.

Liquid Technology’s survey notes that only 19 percent of respondents are expediting IT purchases due to the possibility of imposed tariff increases. At the same time, when asked to rate on a scale of 1-100 how much the tariffs are impacting their organization, respondents gave an average rating of 38. Businesses are noting that the main concerns with tariffs primarily pertain to cost considerations and levels of spending, and the survey reports that respondents are most concerned with Apple, Dell and HP raising their prices in the face of changing legislation. These concerns were validated with Apple’s recent loss of 5.2 percent as a result of the tariffs’ impact on their major products. Big Tech, including Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, was hit particularly hard by the tariff increase, losing a combined $162 billion in shareholder value. However, the results of the survey showed that increasing tariffs are not yet causing a rise in cloud or cloud service appeal. Liquid Technology customers reported that vendors are currently reaching out to clients to further measure the impact of tariffs.

“While tensions are high and concerns about the possibly damaging impacts of changing legislation are on the rise, this survey lets us know that our clients are remaining steady in their operations,” comments Richard Greene, Managing Partner at Liquid Technology. “We’re pleased to offer some peace of mind during this time with this report, and although tariffs are not currently causing a major push toward the cloud, we are ready to serve as a trusted partner to businesses if they decide to make that switch to safeguard against potential spending concerns.”

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To read the full results of the survey, please click here. To view the infographic, please click here.

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