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The Influence of the Simpson’s on Technology

Thirty years ago, The Simpsons started as a cartoon short on the Tracey Ullman Show. Since then the series has become a part of pop culture history. The Simpsons humor seems outlandish but sometimes also seems to predict the future. In 2000, the Simpson’s eerily predicted Donald Trump’s presidency. The show has also accurately predicted a number of technology innovations including video chat, smartwatches, and 3-d printed food. One of the reasons for the show’s success is the creator’s skill to tap into the consciousness of the everyman/woman.

In honor of the Simpson’s 30th anniversary, we surveyed our team to see exactly how the Simpsons have influenced them throughout the years. Here are the key results from our survey:
1. Our team’s favorite episodes were Itchy & Scratch & Marge and Marge vs. the Monorail.
2. Regarding favorite characters, Troy McClure got the most votes.
3. “I Choo-Choo Chose You” was selected as the most memorable quote.
4. As for favorite guest both the king of pop, Michael Jackson and, the comedy legend, Mel Brooks were selected.

And what are the reason’s our team enjoys the show? Each teammate had a different reason why they enjoyed watching the series. Some of answers were Marge’s hair, Dad Jokes, and just the relatable nature of the characters. The Simpsons have found a formula that is not easily duplicated. Simpsons thank you for giving us 30 years of unforgettable moments.