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Enterprises are Moving to a Multi-Cloud Strategy

In some shape or form, most enterprises are using the cloud. According to the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report, 81% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. The report also showed enterprises with a hybrid strategy (combining public and private clouds) fell from 58 percent in 2017 to 51 percent in 2018. Why would organizations select a multi-cloud strategy over a hybrid strategy? One big reason is a multi-cloud strategy provides IT with flexibility.

A multi-cloud strategy approach can provide organizations with many competitive advantages. With a multi-cloud strategy there is no vendor lock-in. A multi-cloud approach gives IT departments a way to mix and match services, this way they can find the best capabilities to meet their needs. Since organizations are not locked into a specific price model, they can find competitive pricing. A multi-cloud strategy can also help with security. This architecture can help combat against DDoS attacks by providing a flexibility that is unavailable with a single provider. If one service provider is attacked, IT can move the load to another cloud environment.

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