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A Huge Data Breach Exposes Top Secrets from Ford, Telsa, GM, Toyota


Level One Robotics and Controls, a Canadian engineering service provider, is at the core of a massive data breach for automakers. 157 GB of highly sensitive data was exposed from over 100 companies including Ford, GM, Tesla, Toyota, Chrysler, Fiat, and Volkswagen. The data was accessed by a security researcher who classified the data into three categories: customer, employee and Level One data. The data included assembly line schematics, factory floor plans layouts, robotic configurations, animations, and documentation. The Level One business data ranged from contracts to bank account details.

The data breach was discovered on July 1st by Chris Vickery, an UpGuard security researcher. The documents were all exposed due to a file transfer protocol rsync. The rsync server was not protected by a password or specific credentials. Any rsync client could access the data when the client connected to a rsync port. It is still unknown if anyone else obtained Level One’s private information. Reportedly Level One is investigating the matter.

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