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Thailand Suffers as E-waste Grows

In 2000, China banned illegal e-waste imports; but the country was still receiving tons of e-waste a year. The Chinese city, Guiyu, was known as the e-waste capital because it was the center of China’s e-waste industry. According to the UN, 70% of all e-waste was being exported to China. Last year, China blocked all imports of 24 types of foreign trash. This action left a void in the e-waste industry.

This year, so far e-waste in Thailand has increased to 37,000 tons. This number does not include the illegal e-waste imported into the country. Due to loopholes that permit importing of second-hand appliances, authorities are finding it difficult to stop illegal importers. Majority of the factories dismantling e-waste are using unsafe methods to extract the valuable material. These methods can lead to harmful and irreversible damage.

Liquid Technology recycles e-waste safely and ethically. We are an eStewards certified recycler. Each of our downstream partners is approved by eStewards, which means our partners hold the same standards. Learn more about our certifications here: http://www.liquidtechnology.net/certifications/