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DELL and BAN Partner to Track eWaste

In 2016, the Basel Action Network (BAN) conducted the e-Trash Transparency Project. BAN also published a report, “Disconnect: Goodwill and Dell, Exporting the Public’s e-Waste to Developing Countries” that explained the entire tracking process. The project tracked equipment given to Goodwill. The results were surprising. Some of the donated computers were exported to East Asia. At the time Dell partnered with Goodwill for their Reconnect Program. The Reconnect Program promises that equipment will be refurbished or recycled responsibly. The program allows customers to take old computer equipment of any brand to select Goodwill locations.

Dell is now partnering with BAN to track e-waste. Dell and BAN planted 40 tracking devices inside of electronics collected through Dell’s U.S. consumer take-back programs. The purpose of the project is to guarantee Dell’s partners comply with the company’s export policies.

The partnership utilizes BAN’s EarthEye service. According to BAN, EarthEye is a comprehensive logistics monitoring system that tracks e-waste recycling compliance. The service is integrated into BAN’s e-Stewards Certification program.

Make sure your organization is disposing of your equipment ethically and responsibly. Partnering with an eStewards certified IT asset disposition company will ensure your organization is compliant. Liquid Technology is eStewards and R2 certified. To learn more about our certifications visit here.