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The Top Ten US Data Center Markets

Building a data center is big business in the United States. Data centers can help a states economic development by bringing new jobs. Many states have created programs to incentivize data center development. As long as the company meets state guidelines, the data center is eligible for the benefits. For example, Indiana offers 100 percent exemption on sales tax for power infrastructure, physical plant, and computer equipment. West Virginia provides both sales and property tax abatements for the building of new data centers.

The top ten largest US data center markets are as follows: Northern Virginia/ Washington DC, Santa Clara/ San Jose/ South Bay, Northern New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas/ Fort Worth, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Northern Virginia is the largest data center market in the United States. The state has over 4.6 million square feet of data center space. One Northern Virginia county, Ashburn, has become “Data Center Alley.” Ashburn has a significant amount of mission-critical facilities. The county is above the world’s densest intersection of fiber networks. This unique location makes Ashburn an ideal place to store and distribute data. Amazon plans to build a new data center campus in Northern Virginia’s Loudoun County.

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