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The Next Big Thing is Edge Computing

Edge Computing

The rising amount of IoT devices has opened the market for edge computing. According to Cisco, IoT devices will generate 507.5 zettabytes of data. The growing amount of data generated by IoT devices is difficult to manage and analyze. Edge computing allows connected devices and sensors to transmit data to nearby computing infrastructures. The computing infrastructures will then process the data and send it back to the IoT devices. Edge computing allows users to access information quicker and more efficiently.

According to a report by the BI Intelligence, 5.6 billion IoT devices owned by enterprises and governments will utilize edge computing for data collection and processing in 2020. Although edge computing offers many benefits, it also poses a number of new challenges. IT departments will need to consider multi-cloud deployments and delivering application services to different devices.

As edge computing continues to advance companies will have to adopt new technology which will render older IT obsolete. Liquid Technology continues to stay up to date with innovations in technology. We provide secure data destruction for various makes and models and help companies receive a return on their investment. To learn more about our services watch our company videos here.