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Apple’s Rotten E-waste Recycling Policy

Apple is one of the largest computer and digital device manufacturers in the world. According to Apple’s 2017 Environment Responsibility Report, they will eventually only use recycled materials to create devices. At the same time, they are mandating that their contracted e-waste recyclers shred used Apple products. Shredding devices ensure their products are not resold or reused.

Apple Shreds Used Devices

Why wouldn’t Apple want recyclers to repair old equipment? The answer could be simple — they want customers to purchase more at the regular price point. Quality Assurance regulations could also be an issue for the brand. According to an article by Motherboard.com, there is a record of third parties recycling the majority of their products. Working with vendors doesn’t give Apple the ability to monitor their product standards.

Cisco and the Gray Market

Years ago, Cisco implemented a similar process around their products. Cisco claimed that refurbished Cisco products that were not sold by authorized channels were “gray market” products. Under Cisco Brand Protection section they say gray or secondary market products could pose more risk for customers.

Do you think Apple needs to change its practice? Could there be another reason why Apple and other manufacturers do not want their products reused?