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What Does It Take to Earn e-Stewards Certification and Why Is It Important?


Within the electronics recycling industry, a lot of attention is paid to e-Stewards certification because it is one of the most identifying factors looked for by a business when it is searching for a reliable provider of e-waste disposal. But, how is this prestigious certification earned and why is it one of the most important certifications in the field?

The Steps to Earning e-Stewards Certification

There are ten stages required to earn a certification through e-Stewards and the process typically takes a year to complete.  The most challenging steps are completing the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits.  During these stages an outside auditor from one of the e-Steward certifying bodies does a full on-site audit.  During these audits all aspects of the company and its processes are closely monitored to ensure they comply with e-Steward regulations.  This is an important step since it is very easy for a company to say they are doing the right thing, but by being audited they need to prove it.

What are the Benefits of Certification?

Recyclers that have earned e-Stewards certification enjoy a number of key benefits and advantages that help them stand apart from others in their field. For instance, the e-Stewards certification is currently the only one of its kind to be endorsed by the world’s foremost environmental groups, including Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resource Defense Council.

Earning the certification is valid proof that an e-waste recycler utilizes management systems that adhere to legal compliance within all laws, including the Basel Convention and that rigorous requirements for equipment chain-of-custody and data destruction are duly met. E-Stewards certification is only granted to those companies deemed socially responsible. In order to qualify, a recycler must avoid practices that utilize sweatshops, or child and prison labor anywhere within their supply chain, and the downstream disposition of all hazardous waste throughout their supply chain must be transparent.

Lastly, once certified, a recycler gains exclusive access to e-Stewards marketing tools and the e-Stewards Marketplace, both of which can help increase a company’s marketing presence and client potential.

What e-Stewards Certification Means to Clients

Clients in need of e-waste management services need to look for the e-Stewards certification when considering partners because it shows the level of care and responsibility the recycler takes in its daily duties. It’s not easy earning such an esteemed certification, but the picture it paints for clients is clear.

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable e-waste recycler, call Liquid Technology today at 800-797-5478. We are an e-Stewards certified electronics recycler and we can help you manage your assets quickly, easily, legally, and responsibly.