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IT Asset Management Services Videos


Have you ever wondered what sets Liquid Technology apart from other computer liquidation and data destruction firms? If so, we’re releasing seven new IT asset management services videos designed to help give you a better idea of what it is we do.

At Liquid Technology, we’re serious about data security and customer satisfaction, so we strive to offer the latest generation of data destruction, e-waste recycling and disposal, and other IT asset management services. Watch the following videos to get an in-depth look into the services we offer, the quality of our services, and the benefits you will get when choosing Liquid Technology for all of your computer liquidations needs.

Our Process – For a behind-the-scenes look into Liquid Technology and how we perform our computer liquidation and IT asset management services, please watch this short video.

Computer Liquidation – Liquid Technology’s computer liquidation services offer greater convenience and security, and a higher ROI for your salvageable equipment. Watch this video to learn more about our computer liquidation services and how we can deliver the results you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

Network Liquidation – If you have networking equipment that’s no longer an active part of your infrastructure, then Liquid Technology’s network liquidation experts can help alleviate the burden of ownership from your company while providing you with a greater ROI. Watch this video to learn more about our network liquidation services.

Server Liquidation – Liquid Technology’s server liquidation service can help you manage your decommissioned servers quickly and easily. We buy all makes and models of used servers and provide the compliant data destruction and e-waste recycling services necessary for minimizing your company’s risk. Watch this video to learn more.

Data Destruction – Liquid Technology’s data destruction services are available on-site or off-site. We provide fully insured, documented, and auditable destruction of data guaranteed to meet industry security standards and DOD compliance. Watch this video to learn more about our data destruction services.

Tape Shredding – Liquid Technology’s tape shredding services help protect your company through degaussing and physical tape destruction. Our services are fast, insured, and auditable. Watch this brief video to learn more about our environmentally-friendly tape shredding services.

Liquid Technology Overview – Liquid Technology is focused on providing the best security and the highest level of service. Learn more about our company and our attention to quality and the satisfaction of our customers in this short informative video.

If you’re interested in effective and affordable data destruction, computer liquidation, e-waste recycling, or any of our other IT asset management services, please contact us today at 800-797-5478. We offer state-of-the-art service and quality results regardless of where your business is located.