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Liquid Technology’s On-Site Hard Drive Destruction Provides Security and Results


Liquid Technology was recently contacted by a multi-billion dollar hedge fund  with a unique problem. The company regularly undergoes scheduled upgrades to its IT infrastructure, and the frequent upgrades resulted in the company compiling a large inventory of computer equipment, hard drives, and LTO tapes that were no longer being used. The drives and tapes still retained sensitive data, such as trading strategies and client information, and as a result, company policy prohibited any of the equipment from being transported off-site for traditional data destruction processing.

Liquid Technology’s On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Trucks Save the Day

Liquid Technology is one of the few data destruction companies to offer our clients the convenience of on-site hard drive shredding and data destruction. We maintain a fleet of specially-designed, state of the art shredding trucks that are capable of providing off-site hard drive shredding results with on-site convenience and security.

Our trucks arrived at the company’s headquarters and our data destruction experts went to work destroying the data that was recorded on the hard drives using our proprietary, DOD-approved hard drive wiping software. Once the data was destroyed, the hard drives and tapes were shredded right in the parking lot of the company’s headquarters.

The auditable results and convenience of Liquid Technology’s on-site hard drive shredding led to the hedge fund  signing a contract with Liquid Technology to perform data wiping and on-site hard drive shredding every few months. The leftover legacy equipment that was brought back to our facility was properly broken down and recycled in accordance with EPA mandates on e-waste recycling and disposal.

If your business requires professional, auditable, and secure destruction of sensitive data, contact Liquid Technology today at 800-797-5478. We can perform data destruction on-site, so if your business has certain mandates or policies in place, like the above client, Liquid Technology has the solutions you’re looking for.