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We Buy Used Shoretel Phone Systems | Sell Used VOIP Equipment

Liquid Technology Buys Used Shoretel VoIP Equipment

While Liquid Technology is an industry-leading and award-winning computer liquidation company, we also purchase and sell other types of technology like used Shoretel phone systems. These VoIP systems often retain their value to the point that liquidating your inventory of unused equipment could result in a substantial return on your investment. If you have a surplus of used Shoretel VoIP equipment left over after a recent technology upgrade or some other transition and you want to learn its value, contact Liquid Technology today.

Fast & Fair Liquidation of Your Used Shoretel Phone Systems

Liquid Technology makes liquidating your inventory of unused technology easy, fast and fair. Our Assessment Specialists continually monitor current secondary market conditions so when we purchase used Shoretel phone systems, we offer prices that are consistent with what the market indicates. Because of this, we often pay much more for technology equipment than many other liquidation firms.

Of course, some pieces of equipment are in higher demand on the secondary market than others so prices are adjusted accordingly. Some of the models we are currently looking for include:

Used Shoretel Phone Systems

  • Shoretel IP 110
  • Shoretel IP 115
  • Shoretel IP 212K
  • Shoretel IP 230
  • Shoretel IP 230G
  • Shoretel IP 265
  • Shoretel IP 420
  • Shoretel IP 480
  • Shoretel IP 480G
  • Shoretel IP 485G
  • Shoretel IP 530
  • Shoretel IP 560
  • Shoretel IP 565
  • Shoretel IP 665
  • Shoretel IP 8000
  • Shoretel IP BB24
  • Shoretel IP BB424

Used Shoregear Phone Switches

  • Shoregear 40/8
  • Shoregear 60/12
  • Shoregear 120/24
  • Shoregear T1
  • Shoregear 24A
  • Shoregear 30
  • Shoregear 50
  • Shoregear 90
  • Shoregear 120
  • Shoregear 220E1
  • Shoregear 220T1
  • Shoregear 220T1A
  • Shoregear 220E1

Contact Us for a Free Quote for Your Used Shoretel Phone Systems

Liquid Technology provides fair liquidation prices and we’ll remove your used Shoretel VoIP inventory quickly and conveniently. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form for a free quote. A Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to your inquiry. For expedited service, feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Shoretel phone systems, Shoregear switches and any other IT assets you’re interested in liquidating.


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