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We Buy Used Polycom Phones | Sell Polycom VOIP Equipment

Liquid Technology Buys Used Polycom Phones & Equipment

Liquid Technology has the resources necessary for relieving your company of the burden of managing equipment that’s no longer being used on a day to day basis, like your surplus inventory of used Polycom phones. The cost of storing and managing used Polycom equipment and other types of related networking equipment can be a financial drain on any business, so instead, liquidate the equipment and receive a beneficial return on your investment.

Sell Used Polycom Equipment to Liquid Technology

Liquid Technology is one of the few computer liquidators that can offer services virtually anywhere in North America. We have satellite offices located all across the United States, so no matter where your company calls home, we have a regional office nearby that’s capable of providing you with the excellent liquidation services we are known for. And unlike many computer liquidators, we buy all models of used Polycom phones, including used Polycom conference phones. In addition, we buy in bulk, so you don’t have to worry about certain pieces of equipment being left behind. Some of the models we are currently interested in purchasing include, but are not limited to:

Used Polycom VVX Business Phones

  • VVX101, VVX201
  • VVX 300, VVX 301, VVX 310, VVX 311
  • VVX 400, VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 411
  • VVX 500, VVX 501
  • VVX 600, VVX 601
  • VVX 1500

Used Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones

  • SoundPoint IP 301
  • SoundPoint IP 320
  • SoundPoint IP 321
  • SoundPoint IP 330
  • SoundPoint IP 331
  • SoundPoint IP 335
  • SoundPoint IP 430
  • SoundPoint IP 450
  • SoundPoint IP 501
  • SoundPoint IP 550
  • SoundPoint IP 560
  • SoundPoint IP 601
  • SoundPoint IP 650
  • SoundPoint IP 670

Used Polycom Conference Phones

  • SoundStation EX
  • SoundStation 2W
  • SoundStation IP 4000
  • SoundStation IP 5000
  • SoundStation IP 6000
  • SoundStation IP 7000
  • SoundStation VTX 1000
  • Voicestation 100
  • Voicestation 300
  • Voicestation 500

Used Polycom Video Conference Phones

  • HDX 4001
  • HDX 4002
  • HDX 7001
  • HDX 7002
  • HDX 8002
  • HDX 8002
  • HDX 8006
  • HDX 9001
  • HDX 9002
  • HDX 9004
  • Viewstation EX
  • Viewstation FX
  • Viewstation MP
  • ViewStation VSX 3000
  • ViewStation VSX 5000
  • ViewStation VSX 7000
  • ViewStation VSX 8000

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Liquid Technology provides fair liquidation prices and fast removal of your excess IT assets. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form for a free quote. A Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to your inquiry. For expedited service, feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Polycom phones or equipment and any other IT assets you’re interested in liquidating.


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