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Liquid Technology Buys Used Nortel Phones & Equipment

Warehousing equipment that’s no longer being used on a daily basis, like used Nortel phones after an equipment update, can be a financial drain on your business. You are literally spending money to store equipment that no longer has any value to your company.

Liquid Technology can quickly and efficiently liquidate your surplus inventory of used Nortel phones and other used VoIP equipment so you can not only relieve yourself of the burden of managing the equipment, but even receive a useful return on your investment. We are one of the few national computer liquidators with the experience and resources necessary for accepting all makes and models of used Nortel equipment and we can liquidate your entire inventory quickly and conveniently.

Get the Best ROI for Your Used Nortel Phones & Equipment

Your used Nortel phone systems may not have any value left to your company, but there are many other companies that are in need of this equipment. Because Liquid Technology has successful business relationships with a long list of third-party buyers, we can offer above-average prices for your inventory, and because we buy in bulk, we can offer you a price for the full lot, not just a portion of it. Our Assessment Specialists will inspect your used Nortel equipment and make you an offer for the inventory. Once agreed upon; we’ll quickly remove the equipment and provide payment in an expedient manner. Some of the models we are currently interested in purchasing include, but are not limited to:

Nortel Norstar Meridian Phones

  • M3903
  • M3904
  • M5316
  • M7208
  • M7310
  • M7324
  • M9316CW
  • T7100
  • T7208
  • T7316
  • T7406

Nortel IP Phones

  • i2001
  • i2004
  • i2007
  • 1110
  • 1120E
  • 1140E
  • 1150E

Get a Free Quote for Your Used Nortel Equipment

Liquid Technology provides fair liquidation prices and fast removal of your excess IT assets. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form for a free quote. A Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to your inquiry. For expedited service, feel free to include a spreadsheet of your inventory of used Nortel phone systems and any other use VoIP equipment or IT assets you’re interested in liquidating.


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