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We Buy Used Cisco IP Phones | Sell

We Buy Used Cisco IP Phones

After a technology refresh or some other type of business transition, companies are often left with the problem of managing hundreds of pieces of excess equipment, like used Cisco IP phones, routers, and switches. Rather than trying to manage all of this surplus, allow Liquid Technology to turn this surplus inventory into surplus cash you can put right back into your business.

At Liquid Technology, we buy used Cisco IP phones and all models of used Cisco equipment, including used Cisco routers and switches, and we buy them in bulk, so you don’t have to worry about certain models being left behind. Our Assessment Specialists will provide an accurate determination on the value of your excess equipment and provide you with a purchasing agreement. Once you agree to the details, our experienced liquidators will efficiently remove your used Cisco IP phones and equipment and issue immediate payment.

Sell Used Cisco IP Phones, Routers, and Switches for a Higher ROI

Liquid Technology is one of the few national computer liquidators that has the experience and capacity to buy all models and components of used Cisco IP phone systems, including used Cisco routers, switches, and other networking hardware. It doesn’t matter if your inventory is made up of many different makes and models – we can still offer you a fair deal. We have one of the largest directories of buyers in the business, so we can offer you top dollar for your inventory of used Cisco equipment, including, but not limited to, the following:

Cisco IP Phones

  • 7900 Series IP Phones
    • 7902G IP Phone
    • 7905G IP Phone
    • 7906G IP Phone
    • 7910G IP Phone
    • 7911G IP Phone
    • 7912G IP Phone
    • 7931G IP Phone
    • 7940G IP Phone
    • 7941G IP Phone
    • 7942G IP Phone
    • 7945G IP Phone
    • 7960G IP Phone
    • 7961G IP Phone
    • 7962G IP Phone
    • 7965G IP Phone
    • 7970G IP Phone
    • 7971G IP Phone
    • 7975G IP Phone
    • 7985G IP Phone
  • 7800 Series IP Phones
    • 7811 IP Phone
    • 7821 IP Phone
    • 7841 IP Phone
    • 7861 IP Phone
  • 6900 Series IP Phones
    • 6901 IP Phone
    • 6911 IP Phone
    • 6921 IP Phone
    • 6941 IP Phone
    • 6945 IP Phone
    • 6961 IP Phone
  • 8800 Series IP Phones
    • 8811 IP Phone
    • 8841 IP Phone
    • 8845 IP Phone
    • 8851 IP Phone
    • 8861 IP Phone
    • 8865 IP Phone

Cisco Expansion Modules

  • 7914 Expansion Module
  • 7915 Expansion Module
  • 7916 Expansion Module
  • 8800 Key Expansion Module

Cisco Wireless Phones

  • 7920
  • 7921G
  • 7925G
  • 7926G
  • 8821

Cisco Conference Phones

  • 7935
  • 7936
  • 7937G
  • 8831

Cisco Routers and Switches

  • 2960 Series
  • 3560 Series
  • 3700 Series
    • 3750X
    • 3750E
  • 3900 Series
    • 3925
    • 3945
  • 4000 Series
    • 4500
    • 4900
  • 7200 Series
    • 7204VXR
    • 7206VXR
  • 7600 Series
    • 7603
    • 7606
    • 7609


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Liquid Technology provides fair liquidation prices and fast removal of your excess IT assets. We can be reached by calling our toll-free number, by email or simply complete our quick form for a free quote. A Liquid Technology Assessment Specialist will promptly respond to your inquiry. For expedited service, feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used Cisco IP phones and any other IT assets you’re interested in liquidating.


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