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Liquid Technology Launches CloudLast

A New Solution That Helps Companies Complete Their Cloud Migration

Brooklyn, N.Y, December 4, 2017 – On December 4th, Liquid Technology, an IT asset disposition company, will launch a new enterprise solution. The launch will take place at the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. Liquid Technology’s new solution, CloudLast, is a suite of services that assist organizations migrating to the cloud. CloudLast was created to help organizations manage the last step of any cloud migration project — disposing of their data center assets. There can be great value left in an organization’s existing infrastructure; recouping some of the value can help offset the costs associated with a cloud migration project. The new solution includes a site survey, logistics, deracking, shipping, on-site and off-site data destruction, e-Waste recycling, and liquidating services. The company is also eStewards and R2 certified.

“We recognize many companies are moving to the cloud and have very similar pain points. A company may have a cloud strategy but forgot they need to decommission their data center assets. Our new solution, CloudLast, makes the final step easy,” said Richard Greene, Managing Partner of Liquid Technology.

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