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ITAD Checklist – IT Asset Disposition Policy and Procedures


ITAD Checklist for Stronger IT Asset Management

Proper management of retired or decommissioned IT assets is an integral part of a strong IT management strategy, but unfortunately, this task often falls by the wayside due to the sheer number of daily job responsibilities already on the shoulders of most CTOs. In this regard, having an IT asset disposition checklist will help CTOs be able to identify a professional partner to handle the management of their unused IT assets.

Benefits of Using an IT Asset Management Company

Choosing a reputable and reliable IT asset management company can help your business through a variety of means. For instance, a high-quality company can:

  • ¬†Reduce the cost associated with managing retired or decommissioned equipment.
  • Reduce the stress, hassle, and risk associated with maintaining data security.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through the proper disposal and recycling of unsalvageable equipment
  • Improve the company’s chances of obtaining a higher ROI for its working IT assets.

ITAD Checklist Considerations

If you are involved in your company’s data center migration or consolidation, or your company is planning or has recently undergone an IT infrastructure update, then you are going to be facing several considerations and issues as a result of the transition. Such topics of concern may include:

Is any of the equipment reusable in the company’s current IT infrastructure?

  • If the equipment is not capable of being redeployed, but it still functions, does it have resale value on the secondary market? If so, what kind of an ROI can you expect?
  • What level of data destruction does your equipment require? Can the hard drives be shredded or degaussed or do you need DOD-certified auditable data sanitization?
  • Is the IT asset management company certified by ISO and a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)?
  • Does the company use e-Stewards partners for downstream e-waste recycling?

Liquid Technology provides exceptional IT asset management services , including EPA-compliant recycling, secure data destruction, and professional account management. We have created a comprehensive ITAD checklist that you can download and use to compare Liquid Technology’s services with others in the field.
If you are ready to receive a free quote for service, just contact Liquid Technology today by calling us toll-free at 800-797-5478, by email, or by filling out our online quote request form . One of our assessment specialists will gladly help you get the results you’re looking for. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of your decommissioned