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Data Center Liquidation: An Example of Liquid Technology’s Service Results

Recently, Liquid Technology was approached by a top-rated cloud software company to determine whether or not data center liquidation would help the company facilitate its upcoming change in its business model. The company was considering outsourcing its web hosting services to Amazon.com, but while this would place the company in a better position logistically and strategically, it wasn’t without certain challenges. Most notable being the fact that once this transfer was complete, the company was going to be left with data centers on both the east and west coasts.

Further adding to the challenge was the fact that both data centers were filled with mostly odd-brand servers, storage arrays, and other networking equipment. Plus, the cloud software company also required data  destruction services for more than 1 Petabyte (1 million gigabytes) of data.

How Liquid Technology’s Data Center Liquidation Services Handled the Task

After reviewing the cloud software company’s requirements and data center details, Liquid Technology’s Liquidation Specialists agreed that data center liquidation would provide a positive benefit for the company. As part of the terms of the liquidation, Liquid Technology’s experts would assess the value of the company’s excess computer hardware and networking equipment in order to provide them with an accurate quote. Liquid Technology’s Liquidation Specialists ensured the company that its equipment would be removed quickly and efficiently and all data would be effectively destroyed in accordance with DOD and NIST guidelines.

Upon reviewing and inspecting the company’s inventory, Liquid Technology provided the company with a detailed assessment of their inventory’s value. The company accepted the agreement and Liquid Technology’s data center liquidation team quickly and efficiently removed the equipment from the company’s east and west coast data centers. After the equipment was removed and the 1 Petabyte of data professionally wiped, we turned to our vast experience in dealing with odd-brand equipment. Since we work with a huge directory of third party buyers, we were able to help the company obtain a higher return on their investment than previously thought possible (over $100k).