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E-Waste Disposal | 1M lbs. of Electronic Waste Recycled


With the passing of the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, businesses in the State of New York are now required to recycle their computers and electronic equipment in accordance with EPA e-waste disposal guidelines. And in 2015, the Act will be extended to include individuals as well.

No longer can you throw your unused computer equipment in the trash. Businesses and individuals will need to find a reputable e-waste recycling facility where they can safely dispose of their electronics in accordance with the new law.

At Liquid Technology, we know all about electronic waste disposal because we’re one of the leading providers of the service in the country and one of the first to adopt it as our standard policy. In fact, in September of 2010, we had already successfully surpassed 1 million pounds (that’s 500 TONS) of e-waste recycled.

The Growing Prominence of E-Waste Recycling

With the EPA cracking down on businesses that dispose of their electronic equipment overseas and imposing heavy fines and reputation-damaging indictments, it is becoming more important than ever for businesses to adhere to proper e-waste disposal guidelines. But even more importantly than it being a business issue; this is an environmental issue.

Proper recycling of electronic waste means less toxic waste in our landfills and fewer dangerous chemicals in our soil and waterways. This, and the fact that the mainstream media has helped to heighten the awareness of the importance of properly disposing of e-waste is why Liquid Technology’s e-waste recycling and disposal service is one of the fastest growing parts of our business.

Liquid Technology Provides Free E-Waste Disposal & Recycling

Liquid Technology is ISO 14001 certified, an e-Stewards Enterprise, a member of NAID, and a registered Electronic Waste Recycling Facility in the State of New York and we offer free electronic waste recycling and disposal services for all eligible businesses and individuals in the tri-state area. If you have computer equipment that you would like to have recycled or you are interested in any of our other IT asset management services, please contact us today by giving us a call at 800-797-5478.